It matters. what we wear. who made it, what makes it, how it feels, how it makes us feel. When we think of what we wear as adornment it is both revealing and guiding. 



...rituals of adornment across cultures, 
celebrating jewelry as more than ornament but a vibrant story of how we express the spirit of life. 

process + materials

My work consists of both one-of-a-kind, hand-built pieces from raw materials as well as limited collections hand-carved in wax and cast in reclaimed sterling silver and 14k gold. I curate and cut natural stones. Each piece is made with care, with you, and the earth in mind.

paige green photography | sirihansdotter

intention create collectible heirloom art pieces that are made to last, comfortable to wear, and full of character.


 studio photos  by  Paige Green Photo