how it works…

Whether you have a strong vision or just the hint of an idea for your special design, I’ll guide you through the initial design process.

Send me an email with your ideas, description, inspiration, sketches etc.

It helps to know:

1. Date (when do you need it)
2. Ring size (if applicable)
3. Type and karat of metal
4. Stones (if any)

Based on this information I will come up with a sketch and an estimate for your project.

When you are ready to move forward I will create a listing for your custom piece, with payment divided in three installments.

-First payment is due upon initiation of work.
-Second payment due after wax model is approved by you and before casting.
-Third payment is due after ring is finished, stones set, polished etc, and before shipment or pickup.



IMG_4412 3.JPG
IMG_3212 5.JPG
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IMG_4723 2.JPG
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