Siri Hansdotter

handcarved and crafted ceremonial jewelry in silver and gold

Custom Design Process


how it works…

Send me an email with your ideas, description, inspiration, sketches etc.

Whether you have a strong vision or just the hint of an idea for your special design, I’ll guide you through the initial design process.

It helps to know:

1. Date (when do you need it)
2. Dimensions or Ring size (if applicable)
3. Type and karat of metal
4. Stones (if any)

Based on this information I will come up with a sketch and an estimate for your project.

When you are ready to move forward I will create a listing for your custom piece, with payment divided in three installments.

-First payment is due upon initiation of work.
-Second payment due after wax model is approved by you and before casting.
-Third payment is due after ring is finished, stones set, polished etc, and before shipment or pickup.


carved in wax

Your one-of-a-kind piece will be carefully hand-carved in wax. I work in a very collaborative way, sending a few process photos as I carve and allowing you the opportunity to offer your creative input along the way.

Siri Hansdotter Ceremonial Jewelry


When can I expect my finished custom design?

In most cases custom cast work takes about 4-6 weeks from initial sketch to finished piece. More complicated designs may require more time.

I want to use the gold from another ring. Is it possible to melt it into the new design?

I work with a casting department that refines and reclaims gold and silver. It is possible to reclaim your metal toward a new design. However, each casting requires a flow of molten metal to avoid a casting failure and can not be completed without additional metal.

I have an heirloom stone. Can we use it?

I love working with heirloom stones. I’m happy to take a look and let you know what’s possible!

I don’t know my (or their) ring size!

I am happy to help you with ideas to discover their or your ring size!

Please explain my metal options!

Is it possible to rush my order?

In some cases it is possible to rush your order for an additional fee.

Do you offer engraving?

Yes! I offer two options for engraving; Hand-carved and Laser-etched. Hand-carved is free form and offers a more artistic and organic look, Laser-etching allows actual font, logo or imaging to be burned into the metal. Pricing varies but is usually between $50-100.

Do you offer resizing?

Yes. However, in some cases with certain stones this may require an entire rebuild. Please do your best to get your accurate ring size. I recommend sizing at different times of the day, as some people’s hands swell more than others and we’ll want to accommodate for that.



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