HOLDING necklace herkimer quartz crystal

HOLDING necklace herkimer quartz crystal


Hand-carved hand pendant cast in sterling silver with double pointed, water clear herkimer quartz crystal. Sterling silver 18" or 24" wheat chain. 

The Holding necklace was inspired while lying in sivasana one yoga day, palms open and up on the mat, and with effort trying to relax my grip.  To allow the coming and the going, and to make a safe place for myself within myself. The relaxed palm holding light, keeping it close but not covering it, offering it's bounty instead. I imagined myself as a mother, and how when the day came to be, the sun would breathe beauty through my hair and at moments become me. I would be laughing, and easy to laugh. I would be holding light softly like this.

Ever, a growing collection of cast work inspired by mothers, birth and being, cycles rituals, and returning.

contact me to request a different necklace length or customized version of this necklace.

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